The tentative EminiForecaster forecast for the trading week ending March
2nd is now posted.  (click
“Next Week”)

We expect the market to make a high in the beginning of the week, around
Monday and then decline thereafter and possibly rebound into Friday as
shown in the forecast G-line.

So far this week the market has stayed at the same level and it did gap up
on Monday at our previously forecasted 1364 level as high.

Tomorrow we are looking at 9:55 consumer sentiment and 10am New home sales
which could push the market higher into 1371 level and 1352 on the

Depending on what we do tomorrow next weeks levels currently are at
1372-75 for resistance or highs and 1352 and next one down around 1341 as
support magnets or lows.

More on Sunday

Wishing you the very best,

EMF Team