The EMF tentative forecast for the trading week ending November 13 is now

The market is picking up volatility and is trending up more than our
is expecting. Under these circumstances, trading remains difficult.
Controlling leverage is the key here.

We currently see the market down into Tuesday and then up from there
once again. Considering the market is already up, entering new
longs at higher levels bears increased risk. Keep this in mind. Waiting
for a nice pullback into Tuesday before buying again is advisable.

Key levels to take note of are currently 1042 and 1022  to the downside.
To the upside 1070 is key and then 1085.

The Fed meeting this week did not help our current forecast that looked
like it was going to pan out nicely.

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We wish you the very best in your Trading,

Rob, Vadim and the EMF Staff