The EminForecaster official forecast for the trading week ending April 10th
is now posted.

We expect the market to rise into the April 9th close to April 10th open

The G20 meeting has completed and another ton of money will be put in to
stimulate the world economy.    We continued to climb as expected from mid
week, but as mentioned, trading was difficult due to the gaps reminding me
of one of my favorite trading phrases, “What a difference a day makes.”
Hopefully the gap craze will subside making trading a bit easier.

All other indications remain the same as I wrote on Thursday.  The
forecast is showing upside this week early on and then a decline on Friday.
 Contrary to that, I would expect some downside this week even though the
forecast is up, so be cautious about entering new positions at these high
levels if you are not already in; keep it tight.  If we are to see some
retracement, it is likely to occur early in the week (ie. Monday where the
Gline is flatter). Watch the alerts for entries that confirm the forecast
and that are at favorable levels.

Key levels for the coming week are the 870-875 area.  I do not really have
another number for the upside since we are at this high already.  To the
downside I am seeing 822 and 809 as key.

Wishing you the very best!
Rob, Vadim & Staff