The EminiForecaster official forecast for the trading week ending April 3rd
is now posted.

There are no changes to the forecast from Thursday’s tentative forecast
and we expect a decline into Wednesday or Thursday followed from a rise
from there.

In the absence of massive manipulations in the market this week, we did
see the market following the forecast.  We did get some strong downside
followed by a quick recovery on Wednesday resulting from very little demand
for US government treasuries. Perhaps the greatest debtor in the world is
losing popularity?  Watch for the beginning of an inflationary environment
as the government tries to stimulate the purchase of its debt.  Rising
inflation and pricing may stimulate the stock market due to the increase in
profit margins.

Daily ranges remain in the 22 S&P point area.  This week we did see an
increase on the bullishness of the Overall Market Rating, so perhaps things
are beginning to turn to the bullish.  I will keep you posted if it
actually does go bullish.  For now though it is still giving a bear
reading.  The September ES contract is still trading at a discount to the
June contract. This is bearish, however, the spread may be narrowing.

Key levels to the upside are the 830-835 area.  Above this, we see the 869
area as significant.  To the downside, we are seeing 788.  Below that is a
zone corresponding to  the 764 – 769 area.  I will post the more inside of
the two numbers where the key level is a range.

I have noticed the government may be timing their stimulations of the
market, so I do not expect a lot of downside on this next cycle.  I
believe/suspect this is a highly manipulated market.  Use caution.

Wishing you the very best,

Rob, Vadim & Staff