The EminiForecaster official update for the trading week ending March 20th
is now posted.

There is no change to the forecast from Thursday’s tentative forecast.

We expect the market to decline into Thursday and then climb from there.

This last week the market rallied on Thursday and Friday contrary to the
forecast.  I suspect this is based, as previously mentioned, on some
changes in accounting rules.  Citigroup rallied a grand whopping 75% (plus
or minus) due to this, from $1.03 to $1.78.  Can a rally based on changes
in accounting rules sustain?  I don’t think so, unless we are seeing some
more fundamental changes.  AIG is dishing out huge bonuses after having
received massive bail-outs.  Of course all that will probably trickle down
to the small guy and stimulate the economy into recovery (not). We live in
interesting times.

The overall market Rating remains bearish. Average daily ranges continue
in the 26-27 point range.  Key levels for the coming week are 775 on the
upside.  On the downside 710 and 680.

The EMF morning alerts scored an 80% win rate last week.  I still
recommend, as I have said many times over the last few months, focusing on
the shorts in conjunction with the forecasts and entries base on the alerts
is likely the most fruitful strategy.  Also keep in mind that the daily
high or low occurs in the first 1.5 hours of trading a very high percentage
of the time and that ranges exceeding the average daily range are not good
places to go with the trend.  If you are a new member,  please review past
updates for more on this.

Wishing you the very best in your trading in the coming week and beyond,

Rob, Vadim & Staff