The EminiForecaster official forecast for the trading week ending March 13th is now posted.

There are no changes to the forecast. As previously mentioned, the up cycles are still not getting their lift due to the continuing deterioration and bad news in this market environment. Shorts are likely going to be your safest place to be going forward, though be cautious of quick rallies (as in the last hour or so on Friday).  Selling 3 day highs that manage to time with the forecast and alerts may be prudent. Currently, that is the 723 to 732 area, but will shift lower to the 700 to 710 area after Monday.  Going through this level with volume and on a closing basis may signal a bear rally. I will leave the key levels as posted Thursday, however you may want to keep these other levels in mind.

These are not normal markets.  Manage your risk as a first priority.

Wishing you the very best,

Rob, Vadim & Staff