The tentative forecast for the trading week ending
March 13th is now posted.

We expect the market to climb into the 10 close to 11th open area and then

The market has been having difficulty making headway on the up cycles as
we previously mentioned and seems to have more traction on the down cycles
consistent with the forecasting.  As previously mentioned the Overall
Market Ranking remains bearish, so this is as expected.  I trade for a fund
and have returned somewhere in the neighborhood of 40% year to date using
the exact recommendations I have provided for you.  Because it is a
multi-manager fund (7 traders), I have taken the longs as well, but, as I
have said, due to the OMR, this is not a good strategy for an undiversified

Another manager last night told me the market was going higher; a trader
who has very close to 100% winning trades in his short term trading.  I
told him we were at a 3 day high, as I have pointed out to you in these
updates, and you saw the bloodbath today after the market hit that level
yesterday.  There is good reason to believe this strategy remains viable in
the expected conditions going forward.

The volatility is on the rise again with the average range being in the 27
S&P point area.

We are standing at multi year lows as I write this that go back to
September of 1996.  I remember those days well and I never imagined we’d
come to visit these levels again.  I attended a money manager conference
this week and was amazed at some of the forecasts of some of these active
traders; some of them willing to call the Dow as going as low as the 2000
area.  I am not quite that pessimistic, but I figure we go lower.  I have
been off in my forecasting of lows, simply because my method doesn’t
typically look back 12 years to find support or resistance.   Combined with
the fact the levels are a week out, it makes it difficult.  Last week I
told you 700 and we managed to break that by a good margin.  This week, I
am thinking 650 and 600 as key levels for the down side.  To the upside,
the 800 and 825 levels.  I will update these as needed on Sunday based on
tomorrows action.

We have some important reports tomorrow morning that could impact the
market. Keep an eye on developments that could drive a rally-  A bear
market rally could come fierce and fast, so protect yourself.  The first
signs will likely be solidly breaking a 3 day high on a closing basis with
a follow through day after that.

Wishing you all the best!

Rob, Vadim & Staff