The EminiForecaster official forecast for the trading week ending March 6th
is now posted.

There are no changes to the forecast from the tentative forecast. We
expect the market to decline into mid week and rise from there.

As previously mentioned, the up cycles are being challenged by the strong
bear market trend we are seeing.  This is confirmed by the Overall Market
Rating which continues to be bearish. Selling 2-3 day highs has been and
will likely continue to be a good strategy.  Be cautious however, of
violent upward rallies driven by news ot governmental factors.

We are currently testing the lows from 1997 on the cash S&P index.  The
1996 low stands at just below the 600 area.  Testing the 700 area is not
unlikely in the near term.  Key areas for the coming week are 700 on the
down side. To the upside the 750 and 780 areas are key.

We wish you the very best in your trading in the coming week!

Rob, Vadim & Staff