The Official EminiForecaster forecast for the trading week ending January 4th 2013 has been posted. 

There are no changes to the forecast. We expect the market to ascend next week into Thursday. Keep in mind the markets are on a holiday schedule this week with the market closed all day on Tuesday and reopening Wednesday AM. Here is a schedule for more details:

As mentioned, holiday markets can be tough to forecast as we are on limited data when we are trading only 3/5 days in a week. This is difficult for the forecaster to make a good forecast and, this coming week is no exception. We are trading full schedule (for the day session) with the exception of Tuesday where the market is closed for the New Year holiday. Issues with the US government have also (likely) added a late decline Friday in opposition to our forecast. This same news story may still be impacting us in the coming week.

Today the market Next week’s report schedule gets busier as the week goes on with the bulk of reports that are likely to move the market on Thursday and Friday  Be sure to check the reports that will impact trading next week

We are now still playing with a range / high volume areas bounded by 1406 and 1380.  Watch for potential reversals at about these levels. We now consider the market to be bullish above the 1380 level.

The minimum expected targets for the week as of this writing are the 1433 region and the 1366 area below.

Monday, if we open above 1409 it is bullish. Below 1399 bearish. In between those levels, ranging is expected.
Wishing you the very best in this holiday season!

EMF Team