The tentative EminiForecaster forecast for the trading week ending October
8th is now posted.  (click
“Next Week”)

We expect the market to rise next week all week.  It is likely a good part
of the upside will occur earlier in the week, however be sure to watch for

This week we followed the forecast fairly closely as predicted, however
the report this AM caused the market to cover almost the entire weeks range
in today’s price action.  As a result, a new intermediate term high
occurred.  Laster in the day we began to probe into the lows from earlier
in the week.  We will watch tomorrow to see if the end of the down cycle is
complete in order to determine if the forecast will change over the

For tomorrow, we are seeing some selling earlier in the day with buying
into the mid day followed by mixed trading in the last hour or so.  1127.50
and 1147 are likely support and resistance areas.  It appears there will be
some more testing on the downside going into the weekend.

As always, manage risk prudently and attempt to sell near highs
(resistance) and buy near lows (support).

Wishing you the very best,

Rob, Vadim & Staff